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Traditional Charm: Chikankari Kurtas for Your Navratri Festivities

Traditional Charm: Chikankari Kurtas for Your Navratri Festivities

Well, we have noticed that certain things have a charm that never fails to go away. Chikankari fashion has been around for years. However, certain changes have modernized the Chikankari fashion industry. The Navratri festival is right around the corner and the nine days of Navratri allow you to explore different styles and clothing options to the best of your creativity.

Chikankari clothing styles are trending right now and many women have been adopting this style of clothing.

Navratri kurtis are available online and offline, and the collections are beautiful. In this blog, we will be exploring the different ways in which you could style a Chikankari kurta Set and what options you could opt for. So let’s get to the fun part of it and explore Chikankari fashion this festive season.

The Need to Adopt a New Fashion During Festivals

It’s normal to feel comfortable with the things that we have been following for a long time. Usually, we feel comfortable with the clothing style we have been following for years, but it is also interesting to keep exploring new styles that match our ever-evolving style.

Creativity and Innovation

Trying out different styles can enhance your creativity and innovation. When it comes to fashion, it’s a great way to capture and celebrate your creativity. The Rayon Cotton Chikankari Kurta set allows you to explore the style on multiple different days, and what’s better than the nine days of Navratri?

Making an Appearance

This is another major factor when it comes to styling and fashion. Fashion is an ever-evolving field. Various trends keep coming up and Chikankari fashion is one such trend. Adapting these fashion trends helps you stand out and make an appearance.

Cultural Celebrations

Different festivals come up during the year and they hold a level of significance. Adapting to the new styles is also a way of paying homage to the traditions and cultures of Asian culture. Chikankari is the best way to celebrate cultures because it pays homage to the artisans in the country.

Styling for Navratri Festival

Now that we have explored the different styles and why one should adopt a new way of styling, let’s explore the different options available.

Chikankari Kurta

A short Chikankari kurta or a long Chikankari kurta can be the best choice for Navratri. You could explore different colors and different styles for the festive season. You could pair it with palazzo pants and minimal jewelry. The outfit provides you with the comfort to celebrate the festivities in full swing without worrying about the outfit.

Chikankari Kurta Set

A Chikankari cotton kurta set is another popular choice for the Navratri festival. The designer kurta set gives you comfort and it is already paired as an outfit, so all you have to do is pair it with your favorite jewelry. There are multiple options to choose from, as well as the colors. These Stylish kurta sets are perfect for family get-togethers.

Chikankari and Jeans

Here’s a modern take on ethnic fashion this Navratri. If you are a college-going student or if you are looking to wear something classy for your office party, this is the outfit to go for. You can pair a Short Chikankari kurta with light blue jeans and heels. This fusion style pairs perfectly with elegant earrings for the Navratri celebrations.

Chikankari and Skirt

How can we miss Dandiya and Garba nights in Navratri? Pairing a long Chikankari kurti with a lehenga or a skirt is perfect for all your dandiya and garba nights. The Chikankari Silk Kurta Set is great for your body and for events that require a lot of activity to be able to give you the benefit of comfort.

The Fizaa Collection

When it is festival season, we all have that one special collection that you want to style an outfit from. The Chikankari experts at the House of Kari have specially curated the Fizaa collection. The Fizaa collection has different Chikankari kurtas, including Navratri kurtas options, and every piece is unique and elegant.


Chikankari fashion is the best option for Navratri. We spoke about how it is important to try and adapt to new styles and explore different clothing styles. We also spoke about how fashion is a way to express your creativity and innovation, make an appearance, and pay homage to traditions. Navratri special outfits surely have a different vibe!

In later sections, we also explored the different options available. One can style a Navratri Special kurta with jeans, a skirt, or even a palazzo. The Fizaa collection is the heart and soul of Chikankari by House of Kari.

This Navratri, make an appearance and explore your unique style with the House of Kari.