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Do you wish to look the best dressed this winter season? Then, our velvet range at House of Kari is the best option for you! The glamorous, cosy velvet Chikankari kurta sets are beautiful and perfect for the festive season.

The timeless charm of the holiday season’s hero is nothing less than a dreamy affair. Enamor yourself in the elegant twist of a velvet creation. We assure you that you’ll be spellbound by the unexpected embroidery, unique silhouettes, and warm hues.

The noteworthy styles go a long way in impressing guests. Our latest collection consists of celebration-worthy velvet kurtas for women for a cozy-chic look.

Why Choose Velvet for Winter?

The thick weave blended with Chikankari hand-embroidery is a vision to watch! Historically, velvet has been associated with nobility and looks best for festive occasions. It’s definitely the go-to for the winter season, as it is extremely warm and elegant.

At House of Kari, we play with the modern interpretations of Chikankari to present you the best designs and silhouettes of velvet Chikankari kurtas for women. The age-old sophistication gets a cool edge for the upcoming festivities to woo your Instagram audience and Lohri guests.

The Comeback of Velvet

Grandma fashion is back with a bang! The Italian couture lover in us is screaming with joy as we scroll through the velvet chikankari kurtas online. The buttery-soft feel and sheen look make it a must-have for chilly nights. The contemporary silhouettes evoke a sense of luxury.

The minimally embellished pieces will keep you warm while making you look like the next star of any party. If you are afraid of trying heavier fabrics and committing a fashion faux pas, then the mighty velvet is here for you!

Our Fizaa collection consists of designer velvet Chikankari kurtas and kurta sets in lush hues. Deep and warm shades such as royal blue, purple, brownish yellow, and sea green symbolise royalty.

Why choose velvet?

Below are a few reasons you should invest in velvet for a stylish appearance:

Velvet is soft in nature

Since velvet was first made from silk, it is often thought of as soft and expensive. Not a single other fabric can compare to velvet in terms of how nice it looks and how soft it feels. Because they are made of special velvet fibre, velvet kurta sets for women have a beautiful shine that makes them feel expensive. Besides that, velvet clothes bend light in many different directions, making them shimmer.

Velvet is appropriate for any occasion

Velvet kurtis are fantastic for a lot of different events, from weddings and formal to semi-formal events. They are beautiful and very helpful in every way. Of course, these add-ons make clothes look different at winter weddings. If you don't have any other clothes to wear or don't know what to wear to a wedding or other event, a women's velvet chikankari kurta is a good choice. Some of the other things that designers add to velvet suit sets today are intricate chikankari hand embroidery with floral details.

Velvet is attractive and stylish

There are many colours, styles, and patterns of velvet suits to choose from. Velvet suits look great in the winter, and they're easy to find, so buyers can quickly find the right one. Because it's so versatile, you can look great in clothes that are tight or loose. Plus, it comes in a lot of colours, like deep purple, yellow, blue, and more. It will keep you cosy and up to date on fashion.

Let us now explore what is special about our Fizaa collection.

Velvet Kurta Sets by House of Kari

Relax in the pure luxury of our Velvet Hand-Embroidery Chikankari Kurta Set, a must-have for fashion-forward winter wardrobes. Along with warmth, the soft velvet cloth adds a touch of luxury, making for a unique sensory experience.

Each piece in this set is a meticulously made work of traditional Chikankari stitching. The intricate kurta details give this outfit a modern touch, making it a true mix of classic grace and modern style. This set is stylish and can be used for a variety of occasions, from fancy parties to cosy nights by the fireplace.

This handmade and comfortable Velvet Hand-Embroidery Chikankari Kurta Set will take your winter style to the next level. It's more than just a piece of clothing; it's a way to show off your own style during the cosiest time of the year.

About House of Kari

House of Kari is a brand from India that uses chikankari, an old skill, to honour a piece of art. The brand is entirely domestic, and local women artists handle every aspect of its production, from obtaining the materials to hand-emboiding them. We make velvet chikankari kurtas with a modern twist and try to get more people to buy them to promote traditional aspects of the country and encourage ancient crafts.

Visit us to shop for velvet chikankari kurta sets.