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Silk is a fuss-free fashion staple that exudes luxury and grace. Whether it’s a family gathering or a winter wedding, you can style a silk chikankari kurta set in the most feasible way. Chikankari kurtas for women have gained immense popularity in recent times, and being woven in silk makes them ten times better. You can create a brand new look every time you wear Chikankari long kurtas.

The simple and comfortable look makes it romantic and classic. Silk and silk blends are known to last a very long time. As you must know, silk is a fibre that is extremely rare, which makes it much more valuable in comparison to other fabrics. The natural fibre offers durability and strength.

What are the benefits of silk?

Harvested from the larvae of silkworms, the fabric is top-notch when it comes to dressing up for festivities. Let us explore other pros of the silk fabric:

Luxurious touch and feel

Silk is considered a luxurious fabric as it feels soft and looks highly elegant. It’s known for its lustre, shine, strength, and sheen. The luxe fabric is listed among the first-rated fabrics as it’s derived from natural fibres and has the most innovative technology.

The lush fabric was once only reserved for royalty. But now it’s accessible to everyone who wants to delve into the world of luxury. Chikankari, an age-old craft, has tried to blend into the versatility of silk by weaving and manufacturing designer chikankari silk kurta sets.

Absorbs color completely

Chikankari is now available in different shades, thanks to the House of Kari and its magic. Investing in a silk Chikankari kurta set for women means a lifetime of fashion supplies. You can expect that the kurtas will shine extensively, as it is the best material that is capable of absorbing the color to the fullest.

Strong durability

Silk is one of the strongest natural fibres that feels extremely soft. Thanks to its strong durability, its lustre and drape have strong resilience. You can rest assured that the fabric will stay with you for a long period of time. In fact, you can also pass it on to the generations to come. After all, who doesn’t love the sheen and lustre of silk—the royal garment?

Women love draping on the soft silk fabric, the reason being that it is suitable for every body type and is also extremely soft upon touching. Nonetheless, it is extremely prone to wear and tear, thanks to its strong texture.

Easy to style

You can style a silk chikankari kurta set to dress up for any event. Moreover, you can also dress up in a chikankari crepe silk kurta with a garara or lehenga skirt. The footwear you wear can also change the look of your whole outfit and how well it fits you. And let us not forget about the dazzling accessories to go with your gorgeous outfit.

Extremely versatile

Versatility in kurtas can be found in abundance when you look into the pile of chikankari long kurtas. The popular floral embroidered kurta set for women at House of Kari can be styled in multiple ways, thanks to the classic and contemporary look of silk kurta sets.

Be it weddings or office parties, you can rely on the versatility of women’s chikankari silk kurta sets to set you apart from everyday dressing. Not to miss, you can also mix and match it with different bottoms for a casual or formal look.

How do you style ethnic kurtas?

Firstly, it is very important to find the right fit of the kurta to exude that flawless divinity. Next, it is recommended to opt for vertical prints or patterns. Also, consider picking monochromatic or rich shades to make women’s silk kurtas stand out from the crowd.

Be sure to pick flared or a-line silhouettes to falter and highlight your best features. Remember, you must pick suitable bottoms and accessories. You can also experiment with layering, such as adding an ethnic jacket to the outfit. And let us now talk about the makeup and hair, which should be kept minimal to make the sheen and lustre of silk shine much brighter.

At House of Kari, we present to you a wide range of outfits for the wedding season and grand festivities. Let your inner diva shine as you dress up in the best of chikankari clothing. Every piece of the designer Chikankari silk kurta set will make you feel like royalty. Allow your inner charisma to shine bright as you turn into a contemporary queen, ready to take over the throne!

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