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Saba Collection :-

The ancient Indian embroidery method known as "chikankari" is no longer just used on traditional clothing. However, now it has been developed as a flexible fashion statement that you can easily incorporate into your regular outfit every time. The latest range from House of Kari’s Chikankari Kurta Set can give your regular clothes a dash of class and elegance. The newest additions of Habutai Silk Kurta and Barfi Silk Kurta will undoubtedly elevate the look. Whether you are dressing Chikankari for work, a casual get-together, or any other occasion,

History of Chikankari

Chikankari has an extensive history that goes back multiple centuries. It dates back to the Mughal era, when people wore it as a symbol of luxury and class. The Mughal emperor Jahangir's wife, Nur Jahan, is credited with introducing the art form to Lucknow, India, by bringing expert artists from Persia. Lucknow became a focal point of Chikankari's work very soon, and the city is still regarded as the birthplace of this exquisite embroidery technique.

Earlier chikankari was originally mostly done on white muslin cloth, but its appeal has grown as a result of the introduction of colored threads and a variety of fabrics, including silk, velvet, georgette, and cotton kurta sets. Moreover, to fulfill the demands of the current generation, the elaborate motifs and patterns have changed. All the hues and designs currently available are a fusion of traditional and modern styles.

Why Chikankari Is a Must-Have in Current Times?

Timeless Style

One aspect of ethnic clothing is that its beauty and grace do not change with time. Chikankari is one of the most prominent choices because of its timeless appeal. Chikankari has introduced various embroidery techniques on various kurta styles, such as the Chikankari silk kurta, which will elevate your look and personality.

Classic Designs

Another appealing feature of having a chikankari kurta in your wardrobe is the classic prints and designs of the kurta. Chikankari is a flexible design that looks wonderful with any bottom, like jeans, palazzos, pants, and leggings. The classic look of the chikankari gives endless options for style.

Breathable Material

The fact that chikankari kurtas are composed of breathable fabric, such as chikankari modal cotton kurtas and mulmul cotton kurtas, is a must-add to your wardrobe. The fabric's ability to breathe makes it a good choice for warm summer days. During the sweltering summer days, the airy passage of the fabric lets the air flow through, giving you the perfect look and keeping you cool and fashionable.

About Saba Collection

House of Kari introduces you to the mesmerizing collection named “Saba.” The latest chikankari collection is inspired by the gentle morning breeze and the soothing rays of sunlight to bring forth the essence of serenity and elegance.

As you adorn the grace of Chikankari with our exquisite kurta, kurta set and co-ord set crafted with the premium Barfi Silk, Habotai Silk, Slub Silk and Cambric Cotton, feel the beautiful morning breeze. Adorned with delicate motifs that perfectly capture the handcrafted design, which ensures luxe quality and exquisite beauty.

The handcrafted collection is available in a palette of serene colors that offer a perfect blend of comfort and style, which makes it ideal for the summer season. It is also suitable for every occasion and exudes a timeless charm. Embrace the beauty of dawn as you wear the sophisticated designs offered by our Saba collection.

How to Style Saba Collection Chikankari Kurta?

The dresses from Chikankari are incredibly versatile; you can style them however you like and wear them for multiple occasions. The House of Kari’s saba collections hold many options for you, which you can style effortlessly and slay on any occasion.

Pair Your Saba Kurta with Jeans or Palazzo

Chikankari kurtis are adaptable; you can dress up or down by teaming them with your favorite jeans for an indo-western appearance or matching palazzo pants for a more traditional look. For your saba collection chikankari kurta, you can also opt for chikankari pants from House of Kari with the kurta for a more glam look.

Layering Your Saba Kurta

Layering your outfit is something that is in right now. Wearing a chikankari cotton kurta set with a denim jacket with your Saba chikankari kurta will give it a fashionable edge. Wear your outfit with an oxidized necklace for a statement-making ensemble.

Adding Accessories To the Saba Dress

You can accessorize your designer Saba Outfit dress with the newest chandbalis for a stylish look. You can also layer silver necklaces to improve the look even more. If you want to elevate the traditional look even more, chunky bangles and anklets are also great options for styling a chikankari.


The brand House of Kari is known for creating a fantastic line of women's apparel. There is something for everyone in the Saba collection of chikankari kurtas, as each piece features stunning embroidery on timeless fabric. This is the ideal time to add all these new dress pieces to your wardrobe and update it. You will be delighted to buy these women's Chikankari kurta sets from House of Kari's Saba collection.

We promise that each design is beautifully crafted and curated as per the current style.