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9 Days of Navratri Style: A Colorful Guide to Stunning Looks

9 Days of Navratri Style: A Colorful Guide to Stunning Looks

Do you also look forward to the 9 days of Navratri to explore your clothing style? The 9 days of Navratri are welcomed by the women with open hearts and they all look forward to dressing up and following the color code each day. While multiple Navratri kurtas for women are available online, there’s confusion about what product you should opt for.

In such instances, choosing a Chikankari kurta is the best option. They are not only stylish but also comfortable, as they are the latest trend in the fashion industry. There are various reasons to choose a Women’s Chikankari kurta, which we will be exploring in the later sections of the blog.

So let’s dive right into it and see how Chikankari fashion can be incorporated during the Navratri season.

Why Choose Chikankari?

Let’s also explore the reasons why women should choose Chikankari fashion for the Navratri season.

So, here’s what makes Chikankari different from the rest!

Comfort and Style

Chikankari clothing is known for the comfort and style that it provides. The Women’s Chikankari kurta is the most comfortable outfit, especially for cultural celebrations. These celebrations are filled with dancing throughout the evening and at such a time, Chikankari could be the best choice for styling. It is simple yet elegant and it helps you stand out and up your styling game.

Design and Versatility

Another reason for choosing Chikankari fashion is the design and versatility that it has to offer. The designs are intricate and crafted by the artisans. When we talk about versatility, it refers to how beautifully Chikankari fashion fits in with every and any occasion. Thereby, it allows you to style them the way you would like to and explore different styles for different occasions.

The Availability of Options

One of the other aspects is the availability and different designs of Chikankari fashion. Different designs are unique in themselves. There are different colors available too, making it the perfect option for the nine days of Navratri celebration and allowing you to style them in multiple ways.

9 Styles for Navratri

Are you confused about what to wear during the 9 days of Navratri?

We have got you covered. Here’s the perfect guide for you to use for the 9 days of Navratri.

Day 1: Orange

Orange stands for warmth, creativity, vibrancy, and energy! You can pair an orange long kurta with jeans or palazzo pants and style the outfit for day 1 of Navratri. You can experiment with the overall style and outfit to celebrate your creativity through fashion.

Day 2: White

White stands for peace, innocence, freshness, and tranquilly. White is the OG kurti in the Chikankari fashion industry. You can style a white kurta with blue jeans and pair it with heels. This outfit is perfect for college and office Navratri celebrations.

Day 3: Red

Red stands for passion, love, energy, and celebration. In Navratri, celebration and energy are at the core of the festival. Pairing a Red Chikankari kurta is perfect for Garba and Dandiya nights. It represents passion, energy, and celebration perfectly. You can finish off the look with some minimal jewelry.

Day 4: Royal Blue

Royal blue stands for royalty, elegance, and sophistication, and what’s better than a royal blue Chikankari kurta to represent the same? You can pair a royal Blue Chikankari kurta for office parties with your colleagues and higher management.

Day 5: Yellow

Yellow stands for energy, happiness, and warmth. This Navratri, celebrate the warmth and happiness the festival brings with a Yellow Chikankari kurta set. This Chikankari set can be paired with minimal jewelry and is perfect for day 5 of Navratri.

Day 6: Green

Green stands for balance and growth. Every year, we celebrate a new version of ourselves while also celebrating the festivals. This Navratri season, celebrate your growth by styling a Green Chikankari kurta for your special occasions and celebrations.

Day 7: Grey

Grey stands for timelessness, sophistication, and maturity. Chikankari, too, is known for its timeless appeal and elegance. You can style a Grey Chikankari kurta on day 7 of Navratri to celebrate sophistication and maturation.

Day 8: Purple

Purple stands for spirituality. People across the country have a different connection with spirituality. Styling a Purple Chikankari kurti during the Navratri festival is the perfect decision anyone can make. It celebrates spirituality in its truest sense.

Day 9: Peacock Green

Peacock green stands for elegance and beauty and what’s better than styling a Chikankari kurti to celebrate the elegance? You can style the Peacock Green Chikankari kurti with your favorite piece of jewelry and heels to complete the look.


Throughout the blog, we have seen the significance of Navratri and the reasons behind its celebration. Chikankari fashion is the preferred option because of its design, availability of colors, versatility, and comfort. We have also explored the different styles for the nine days of the Navratri celebration.

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