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Modal Kurti Set for the Win: A New Favorite in Town!

Modal kurti sets are an upcoming trend in the fashion business this season! As more people around the country are accepting ethnic wear as their go-to choice for styling clothes, modal kurtis are making their way into people's hearts! The best part? You can style it for any and every occasion according to your needs. So, let’s dive deeper into the world of modal kurti and understand the various aspects and how one can style it!

But what are Modal Kurtis?

Modal kurtis are a more eco-friendly option than normal cotton Chikankari kurtis. Modal fabric is also the softest fabric one can ever own and style. It’s also a great way to support the environment and decrease the environmental impact. Modal kurti sets are highly absorbent and there’s no fear of clammy clothes because of excessive sweating.

Modal kurti is also stretchy and breathable, making it an excellent choice for every day. They also stay smooth and wrinkle-free with little ironing. Thus, it's an ideal fit for daily use!

Well, now that we have seen what a modal kurti is, let’s look at the various options and types available.

Types of Modal Kurtis

1. Modal Silk Kurti:

Modal silk kurti is literally the best in the collection of kurtis this season! You can style them for any occasion of your choice and since they are made of silk fabric, they are comfortable yet stylish!

2. Modal Short Kurti:

Modal short kurti is a comfortable wear that one can opt for, especially with the summer season approaching super soon. Light colours can help you up your style game effectively if you are looking for something simple yet elegant.

3. Modal Chikankari Kurti:

Modal Chikankari kurti is the next best thing in the game. Coupled with the benefits of modal fabric and the intricate chikankari designs, this is the best option for work wear, a casual outing, college, or even long travel!

4. Modal Chikankari Kurti Set:

As discussed previously regarding the benefits of modal fabric, a modal chikankari kurti set is the best choice of clothing to style. All you need to do is pick a colour of your choice, and you get an entire set delivered to your doorstep.

5. Chikankari Long Kurti:

Chikankari long kurti is the most elegant piece of clothing because of its unique design. Dark colors look good and can be styled with any jewelry of your choice!

6. Chikankari Short Kurti:

Chikankari short kurti is another option that one can style. Short kurtis that are around the knee length are also suitable to be paired with a pair of lighter color jeans. They are more suitable for daily use as well.

7. Chikankari White Kurti:

A must-have in every wardrobe. It’s a go-to kurti choice for most women and girls out there and is perfect for the Holi season this year! It can also be styled with minimal yet colorful jewelry and can be paired with any color of the Palazzo.

8. Fancy Kaftan:

Kaftans are the upcoming style in the fashion world. It’s a blend of culture and a unique style. Chikankari Kaftans are perfect for the wedding season and for the pre-wedding festivities. A pro-tip? Kaftans that are darker in color look the best and can be styled with minimal jewelry!

9. Cotton Kurta for Women:

A cotton kurta for women is the perfect choice for work and daily wear for anyone and everyone! It’s a super comfortable outfit that allows free movement and most importantly, makes you look elegant and simple yet beautiful. They can be paired with jeans, palazzo, or any other wear that you like.

Benefits of Wearing Modal Kurtis

1. Comfort:

As mentioned before, comfort is one of the best benefits of Modal kurtis. They are comfortable to wear and can be styled for work, daily use, and other events as well. Since the fabric is super light and absorbent, it’s a good and comfortable choice for a long day as well.

2. Versatility:

The second best quality of modal kurtis is versatility. Versatility means the ability to adapt to different things and states. Modal kurtis are a perfect example of the same. They can be styled and adapted according to the situation. For example, you can use the kurti for your daily use, work, and even for a long day as well as travel.

3. Variety:

Another unique point and benefit of Modal kurtis is the vast variety. As we have seen in the above-mentioned pointers, there are so many varieties of modal kurti that one can style with different colors and patterns to experiment with.

Tips for Wearing Modal Kurtis

1. Pairing with Accessories:

The best way to wear modal kurtis is to pair them with accessories. You can pair the modal kurti with minimal silver jewelry which would go well with any color and pattern that you choose.

Modal kurtis look best with a simple choker set and a pair of earrings. One can also add another piece of jewelry like bangles if they are comfortable with it.

2. Colors and Patterns:

Coming to the colors and patterns, dark colors and chikankari patterns look the best when it comes to styling the modal kurti.

You can either go with dark colors like red, purple, green, or black or less with pastel blue, white, yellow, pink, and purple as well! The choice is completely yours, as long as you are comfortable.

3. Choosing the Right Fabric:

Choosing the right fabric is extremely important, as it affects your body and skin and the way the fabric fits your body.


Hence, a modal kurti set is the best option in town for a classy and elegant look. As we have seen the various types of modal kurtis, the way they can be styled, and the benefits, and dove deeper into the world of modal kurtis, we hope this helps you style that kurti and get the look you have been waiting for! Now that you’re ready to wear them, House of Kari is the perfect place to go shopping for them!

It’s time for you to style that kurti and be your own boss, this season and for the upcoming seasons too! Explore more here.