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Lightweight Chikankari Kaftans for Beach Lounging

Lightweight Chikankari Kaftans for Beach Lounging

Summers and the beachy vibes are here! The summer season is right around the corner and we are all super excited to style our beach outfits! Summer vacations require special planning with respect to the beach outfits that one will be styling.

What if we say that kaftans for women are the perfect beach outfits? Yes, that’s correct. While the fashion industry is ever-evolving with different styles coming in trend, Chikankari kaftans are one of them! In this blog, we will be exploring the world of kaftans and how these summer kaftan dresses are your go-to choice for your beachy summer vacations.

So, let’s get right into it!

History of Kaftan and its Dominance in Chikankari Fashion

Chikankari fashion originated in Lucknow and is known for its intricate designs and rich history of craftsmen. It also has a history that connects to the Mughal Era. While Chikankari fashion gained prominence, it also adapted itself in different forms and styles. Chikankari kaftans were one such adaptation.

Chikankari kaftans for women are lightweight and come with unique designs that showcase art and royalty. These summer kaftan are the perfect choice for your summer vacations, especially if you plan to go to the beach. These Chikankari kaftans, because of their quality and lightweight, give style as well as comfort.

Why Choose Kaftans for Your Beach Adventure?

There are multiple reasons why one should choose women's summer kaftan for each adventure. Let’s take a look at a few of them in this section of the blog.


One of the top benefits of choosing kaftan dresses for summer is the aspect of comfort. The silk-like material is not only lightweight but also works like magic in the summer season. These can be styled during your travels, beach adventures, or when you are exploring the city as a tourist.


The other benefit is style. Chikankari silk kaftans have these intricate and unique designs on them, which makes them stand out. It’s definitely a go-to choice for people because it not only provides you with comfort but also looks stylish!

Creativity and exploration

We often discuss how clothing is also a form of expression and creativity. This summer, it’s time to ditch the regular beach outfits and opt for women's summer kaftan dresses to explore and express your creativity and style!

Styling Chikankari Kaftans: Beach Edition

Kaftan dresses are definitely the talk of the town right now. Styling these Chikankari kaftan can be beneficial in multiple ways, as discussed in the earlier section of the blog. Now, let’s have a look at some of the top options for you to explore and choose from for your beach adventure! You can style these kaftans in various different ways for your beach lounging and spend the perfect summer!

Kaftans, Beach, and Self-Care

It’s the perfect hot summer evening; the sun is about to rise, and you are watching the waves come by with a glass of mocktail. It's dreamy, isn’t it? To take it up a notch, you can do some self-care activities like reading a book, reflecting, and journaling. Kaftan dresses for women can be perfect to style on such occasions to ensure comfort.

Kaftans and Beach Lunches

Don’t we all love long dates and being at the beach? Enjoying the food while looking at the beautiful and endless ocean is surely the best summer vacation one needs to have. Women’s Kaftans can be a great option for styling if you are looking for something comfortable, lightweight, and breezy! This can be the perfect date outfit and also work best for family lunch by the seashore.

Kaftans and Beach Adventures

A summer vacation to the beach is incomplete without beach adventures and playing in the water! Well, worry not! Kaftans are the perfect beachwear outfit for your adventures. Women Printed Kaftans are the go-to choice because of their comfort and lightweight fabric, which allows you to enjoy them to the fullest and make memories.


Summer is here and so is the kaftan trend! This summer, style a kaftan for your beachy adventure. Kaftans also come with a number of benefits, like comfort, style, and expression of creativity. They can be used for various purposes and are the perfect outfit for your beach vacation. One can style them for lunch dates at the beach, self-care activities at the beach and much more.

House of Kari is an expert in Chikankari kaftan. You will find an amazing collection of summer kaftan dresses that you can style for your vacation. These kaftan dresses are lightweight and great for your travel plans!

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