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Chikankari Moments: Fashionable Gifts for Your BFF on Friendship Day

Chikankari Moments: Fashionable Gifts for Your BFF on Friendship Day

HIt’s time to showcase your friendship! Want to know how? Well, friendship’s day is right around the corner and we all have that one friend with whom we share all our secrets. A friend who gives you a listening ear but also gives you a reality check when needed.

Have a friend who does all of this for you? Then it’s about time you showcase your love for them in Chikankari fashion! Yes, that’s correct. Gift your friend a beautiful Chikankari silk kurta set or a Chikankari co-ord set for this Friendship's Day gift!

This blog will explore the different gift options available for you and how you can personalise your gifting style.

Versatility of Chikankari: Festive Edition

Now you might be wondering, how can Chikankari be incorporated, which also celebrates the versatility of Chikankari? Chikankari is known for its versatility and how each kurta tends to fit for every occasion. Father’s Day is also a special day to celebrate your dad and appreciate his efforts. Chikankari kurta is a unique gift item and is different from all the usual gifts we tend to give on these occasions.

Men’s Chikankari kurtas for dads are a unique gift option. You feel a different kind of emotion when you see your dad wearing an outfit that you have gifted him. A hand-embroidered Chikankari kurta has its own charm and elegance. Surprising your dad with a Chikankari kurta in his favourite colour is the way to go!

There are different options available, making it difficult to choose. There are multiple questions regarding the use of these kurtas: will they like them or not? Rest assured, these kurtas for men in chikankari work like magic and fit right in.

Hence, we will be exploring the top Chikankari outfits to select from.

Why Choose Chikankari for Friendship’s Day?

Friendship day specials are formed based on the ideas, values, and hobbies that you share. With time, the bond builds and becomes deeper based on mutual understanding. Just like that, let us first understand Chikankari fashion before we choose it as a gift for our friend and the options available.


Personalized gifting is the way to go this friendship season. They add a sense of love and care to the gift. It also reflects your efforts in handpicking a gift for your friend, considering your friend’s likes and dislikes. You could choose chikankari clothes in the colour that they like, or you can also add a note with the gift to make it more personalized.

Versatility and Variety

This is another reason to opt for a Chikankari outfit. A Chikankari co-ord set is perfect for your friend who is looking for a versatile option. Basically, it is suitable for all body types, right from traditional events to travel plans. Secondly, you will find a lot of variety in the colours and designs, which will help you choose the right gift.

Comfort and Fashion

We all like to stay updated about recent fashion and trends in the industry. Chikankari fashion is a trend that not only provides style but also facilitates comfort. Trust us, your friend will surely love you for this gift! Chikankari Kurta sets are the perfect example of comfort and fashion. The soft material gives you a soft touch and elevates the overall look.

Friendship Day Gift Options: Chikankari Edition

Now that we have explored the why and the how of Chikankari, it’s time to explore the what of Chikankari Gifts for friends. We are sure you might be confused about what you can give your friend and how to make it special.

We got you! Let us take you through the world of Chikankari in this section of the blog.

Chikankari Long and Short Kurta

We can only think of long kurtas for her when we talk about versatility. A chikankari long kurta provides you with the option of styling it in ways that you are comfortable with. If you are a college-going student and want to give your friend something that is elegant and simple, then a long kurta is ideal. Similarly, a Chikankari short kurta is perfect for college festivals, office parties, and travel plans.

Chikankari Co-ord Sets

Co-ord sets are our favourites! Want to go to a concert? Have a date with your partner? Need an outfit for travel or partying? A Chikankari co-ord set is the answer for all. They fit every occasion. They are an elegant combination of modern and ethnic wear. So if you are looking to gift something that’s out of the box and unique, then a co-ord set is the way to go.

Chikankari Kaftans

Kaftans are one of the most comfortable attires. It’s also extremely elegant and classy. A Chikankari kaftan is great for casual as well as relaxed occasions. One can also style a kaftan for college or the office. These chikankari kaftans for her also have designs that stand out and elevate the look. The fabric is also quite breathable, allowing you to get through the day with ease, especially with summers coming up.


On the occasion of Friendship Day, opting for a Chikankari outfit as a gift for your friend is the way to go. Women Chikankari co-ord sets and Chikankari long kurta for her are some of the options to go for. We have also explored the numerous benefits of gifting, such as comfort, versatility, variety, and personalisation.

House of Kari has a breathtaking collection of Chikankari outfits. This friendship day, surprise your closest of friends with their perfect Chikankari outfit. Personalized gifting can work wonders when you want to show your love and appreciation to a friend.

Father's Day is also a day of celebrating our superhero dads and appreciating what they do for us! It is time for you to do just that by gifting him a royal piece of clothing on his special day.

Shop your pick here!