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Printed short kurta

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While you are probably thinking about a long, beautiful, stylish kurta that is flowy and helps you make a stylish entry, short-printed kurtas might just steal the show. Chikankari short kurtas are the way to go, as they are simple, comfortable, and stylish. Isn’t it magical?

A printed short kurti is the most preferred choice of outfit that women wear today. It fits well for your college look, workplace look, travel look, and any function! Isn’t it the most versatile piece of clothing? Through this blog, let’s look at some ways to style printed short kurtas and why they are so popular among the masses.

Exploring the Popularity of Printed short kurta

You might have seen multiple people styling short kurtas in different ways. Let’s look at why these printed short kurtas are so popular.

Top-Notch Comfort

A printed shirt kurti is the way to comfort! It’s the easiest piece of clothing to carry because of the sheer comfort it tends to present. You can have a hectic day ahead of you and still be confident about styling a short printed kurta and getting through the day, especially when it’s the rainy season.

Amazing Style

Printed short kurtas are not only comfortable, but they also look stylish. It’s amazing how a simple, short kurta can add elegance and style to an outfit. If you are looking to style something for a festive occasion, a printed short kurta is the way to go. Choose your favorite design and make a style statement.


The aspect of versatility is definitely a game changer, which has made them all the more popular. As mentioned earlier, there are various ways you can style the kurta for various occasions. We will also be discussing a few ways to style the short-printed kurta and enhance your fashion game.

Youthful Appeal

It definitely has a youthful appeal because of the way it has been designed. The designs are fresh and super unique, and a lot of the young girls and women out there prefer printed short designs because of the youthful appeal they have. Because of this, they have become the go-to outfit for college-going students.

Expressive Designs

One of the other major reasons why Embroidered short Kurtas are extremely popular is because of the expressive designs that they have to offer. The designs are super unique and expressive. Even when you style them with plain flare pants, it would still make the entire outfit stand out! With printed short kurtas, there is definitely a lot of space for experimenting with designs.

How to style a printed short kurta?

Having a printed short kurti in your wardrobe is a must because of all the reasons we explored earlier. Not only that, but it’s definitely an essential piece of clothing because of the multiple ways you can style the entire look.

Accessorize Wisely

Accessorizing wisely can be a game changer when it comes to styling. Something as simple as pairing them with an earring/necklace can up your fashion game. But it is essential not to overdo the accessory, which would compromise the look. You can use this tip whenever you are going to college or attending any college fests/travel etc.

Making Jeans your Companion

Jeans and flare pants are the best ways to style your outfit. You can either pair it with light blue or black jeans It’s a great way to style the outfit if you want to give it a modern look and combine modern and traditional aesthetics. You can go for the white and blue combination, which is one of the most preferred ways to style the outfit.

Footwear Choices

As mentioned before, comfort is one of the best benefits of Modal kurtis. They are comfortable to wear and can be styled for work, daily use, and other events as well. Since the fabric is super light and absorbent, it’s a good and comfortable choice for a long day as well.

Hairstyle and Makeup

When it comes to women, hairstyle and make-up are two things they need to have perfected. Many women nowadays prefer a light or no make-up look with their overall outfit when they are styling a printed short kurti. It definitely makes a difference to the overall Chikankari outfit and also keeps you photo-ready.

Choosing Belted Looks

Another interesting way to style the short kurta is to use belts that you can tie around your waist. This is also known as the belted look that people go for. It’s quite the trend right now, and you will see a lot of influencers also adopting this style in their videos.


And with that, we come to the end of this blog. To revisit, we spoke about the popularity of printed short kurtas and how you can hop on to the trend by keeping some styling tips in mind.

House of Kari has the perfect collection of short kurtis for Women to choose from. Be a part of the trend and its popularity by choosing the perfect short-printed kurta.

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