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Office Wear Kurti

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Trendy Office Wear Kurtis

Chikankari kurtis are the heart and soul of ethnic wear! Office wear kurtis are so versatile in nature that they can be styled for daily office wear or a corporate event. The new norm of wearing stylish Indian wear to work is loved by so many people all around the world and more and more women are adopting this style every day with so many variations coming in.

There are various Chikankari kurtis that one can style with their bottom wear, from long chikankari kurtis to short chikankari kurtis. Long Chikankari kurtis are the best for party wear and elevate the look and make you stand out from the crowd.

We aim to look at the various ways you can style an embroidered kurti to ace the office look like a pro! Let’s dive straight in!

Why choose Chikankari as your go-to style?

Chikankari has been around for a long time now but has only recently been gaining the attention that it totally deserves. There are multiple benefits to choosing Chikankari as your workwear, and no, we are not talking about kurtis only, but also the co-ord sets and dresses. It is also known for the intricate and amazing work of design done on the material, which makes it a perfect office wear outfit and shows us how versatile the style is.

The age-old craft of Indian culture aims at enhancing your look and is crafted on the most comfortable material that one can style. Since it's usually crafted on cotton, you may experience little to no heat and stickiness because the material is that good. Most importantly, it’s on trend right now, and who doesn’t love being up to date with the developments in the fashion industry?

The fancy cotton kurtis can also help you up your game at your workplace, and you can definitely experiment with your look anytime! All you need to do here is pick your chikankari kurti and pair it with stylish bottom wear; there you go, a perfect look is ready!

Styling Chikankari Kurti for Office

Now, let us discuss styling your chikankari kurti for your next board meeting or another dreadful Monday at work. We have multiple ways of styling these pieces of art, all you have to do is find the perfect fit, and the outfit is ready!

The best part about Chikankari kurtis is that you can style them with any type of bottom wear, from leggings, palazzos, jeans, to trousers! You name it, and we have a match for everything.

You can pair your stylish long kurti with trousers and a shrug, making it the perfect outfit for an industrial visit and acing the chikankari style.

A short chikankari kurti or tunic is also another breathable and chic option that one can pair with a palazzo and ace the workplace look, especially for team outings.

You can also style co-ord sets, short cotton kurta, tunics and embroidered shirts from House of Kari for trendy office wear.

These two are the most basic yet elegant outfits that you can look at and style for your day-to-day routine. The best part about the Chikankari style is it enhances your everyday looks as well. The best wardrobe staple for office wear kurti is a white chikankari kurti that goes well with all types of bottom wear, blazers, sandals, tote bags, etc.


We can say that Chikankari kurtis are your go-to style because they give you so many options for being the best at being fashionable. However, one difficulty that most people face is finding the right chikankari kurti material and clothing options. Style your chikankari kurti with the help of House of Kari, the perfect shop for everything chikankari!

House of Kari has an amazing range of cotton kurtis for women available on their official website that make for appropriate office wear kurti and formal wear. This is your sign to go up on their website and check out the amazing range of collections at an affordable rate.

We are known for our quality and unique designs. We offer quality chikankari kurtis that are designed for new-age women who are unbeatable and are breaking the glass ceiling. They have a global presence and don’t disappoint the larger audience that’s part of the House of Kari family, and now it’s your turn to join this family and adopt the style.

Find your go-to chikankari style with House of Kari!