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Chikankari Navratri outfits

Navratri is a festival of colors with 9 days dedicated to different colors and Chikankari is the most loved kurti at the moment, that is available in vibrant style and colors. Navratri and Chikankari is the best combination that one can go for, this Navratri season. Style your chikankari outfit for the 9 days and make a style statement. The vibrant Navratri dresses can also be paired with minimal silver or gold jewelry to make up for the perfect festive outfit. House of Kari brings to you traditional Navratri clothing with a modern twist and today, we’ll see how we can style it with this blog.

Let’s take a look at how we can style the chikankari kurti this Navratri and various ethical Navratri outfits that you can take inspiration from.

What should you look for in a Navratri outfit?

With Navratri, there comes a lot of dancing and the chikankari kurti can bring you the comfort needed to move around and enjoy fully as well as style bright colors which will catch the eye and the attention of people around you! Chikankari outfits make up for the Navratri clothing for women as it has a unique design with intricate details making them a go-to choice for ethnic wear in India.

You also can look for a chikankari kurti which would add to the look and elevate the look based on the style that you are going for. Overall, it’s a better option for someone who is looking for more comfortable wear but yet wants to go all out with their style!

Benefits of Choosing Chikankari Outfits

There are multiple benefits of choosing chikankari outfits for Navratri!

a) A modern twist to traditional clothing:

It’s time to go beyond the traditional options and have a modern aspect to the style! It’s a perfect blend of traditional and modern styles of clothing which would enable you to make a style statement.

b) They are comfortable:

The best part about the chikankari kurti is the comfort it brings with it! As mentioned earlier as well, it’s a good option for people who prioritize comfort.

c) Fits better overall:

Chikankari kurti fits well with any body type which is a huge benefit and it tends to blend with how our body is.

d) They are versatile and long-lasting:

Chikankari kurtis are versatile and long-lasting and are a unique Navratri wear that blends in any situation and event. They are also long-lasting and durable so you can style the kurti as many times as you like.

e) Easy to maintain:

Garara sets with heavy work on them can be difficult to maintain, whereas a chikankari kurti is easier to maintain in the longer run. Since they are not too heavy, it’s easier to maintain them in terms of storage and washing.

f) Affordable:

They are definitely more affordable and budget-friendly clothing options for Navratri, which we all aim for whenever we go shopping. There are online websites that offer discounts and sale offers that you can avail of before time runs out and House of Kari is one such destination.

g) It’s a timeless style:

Chikankari kurti fashion will never go out of style and is timeless. It has been in the trend for a long time as more and more people are accepting this as the go-to style because of its benefits mentioned earlier.

f) Vast variety:

Chikankari as a collection has a whole range of options and a variety that one can choose from, in terms of designs, colors and shapes and cuts.

Chikankari Outfit Ideas for Navratri

- Chikankari long kurti

Chikankari Gown

Anarkali kurti

Let’s look at some outfit ideas and get some inspiration for your perfect trendy Navratri outfit.

a) Chikankari dresses

Chikankari dresses are the best in the game. They are simple yet elegant and go-to wear for various occasions. The dresses will look good with minimal makeup and simple silver jewelry.

b) Chikankari co-ord set

Chikankari co-ord is a new style in town and a perfect Navratri outfit for this season! Bright shades with minimal jewelry are the best combination to go for.

c) Chikankari long kurti

Vibrant shade chikankari kurtas are the best in terms of design, comfort and style. One can go for a fancy long kurti or an embroidered kurti with chikankari pants for a festive OOTD!


We looked at how the combination of the Chikankari kurti and Navratri can be a match worth styling. As Navratri is around the corner, this is the perfect style of clothing that one can go for. You can accessorize your outfit by choosing silver jewelry along with bangles and block heels. As we have also seen the various styles and the benefits, House of Kari has an amazing collection of chikankari kurtis catering to all the benefits mentioned and various styles as well.

But why the House of Kari?

House of Kari, is a one-stop destination for all the unique shopping for Chikankari. It is known for its quality Chikankari kurtis and other styles available on the official website and has a range of unique colors that one can go for!

Shop for festive Navratri wear at House of Kari!