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What Makes Chikankari the Perfect Valentine's Day Gift? - House Of Kari (Chikankari Clothing)

What Makes Chikankari the Perfect Valentine's Day Gift?

The week leading up to Valentine's Day is in full swing, and many hearts are thumping along with love songs. It's time to tell your loved ones how you truly feel so they can make a lifetime commitment. The same space is taken up by a priceless gift that gives them a reason to agree. It is the key that keeps the two lovers locked in the cage of love.

Have you already determined what to give your loved one? What is the accessory she would adore? What is the look that would make her smile? What is the feeling that would last longer with you as a couple?

House of Kari has provided you with an exceptional selection of Chikankari suits, kurtis, and sarees that can impress her into accepting your proposal, helping you to detangle yourself from these numerous thoughts.

One's appearance adds grace to their personality and represents how one shows themselves. When wearing an attractive piece of clothing, one can receive compliments for the rest of their life. Let a sweet love story be sewn together forever.

Here are some of the most exquisite Chikankari dresses to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Simple & Sweet Chikankari Kurti

Every woman should possess a white Chikankari Long Kurti with embroidery to look beautiful on Valentine’s Day or any other special day. Wear Chikankari short kurtis in pastel colours on hot summer days.

These kurtis look stunning on ladies of all ages, whether they are in college, or happily married to the love of their life. Gifting a Chikankari kurti is one of the most unique and non cheesy Valentine’s day gift ideas for her.

Pretty & Poised in a Lucknowi Kurti

Every desi girl's wardrobe must include a tonal white chikankari long Kurti with white or pink embroidery in the traditional Lucknowi style!

For optimum impact, dress in a Lucknowi kurta style in wonderful summertime hues!

These kurtis look amazing on ladies from different backgrounds, including college-bound teenagers and mature lovebirds who know how to live life to the fullest!

Delicate Long Multicolor Chikankari Kurti

A long Chikankari kurti that is delicate and dainty, and has elaborate hand-embroidered motifs all over the front sounds like a perfect gift for bae. With long sleeves and chikankari flower embroidery, your special person will look beautiful in this outfit.

The V-neck, which has a collar with a short stand, flows into the simple placket. The multicoloured thread chikankari embroidery on this dress is its most impressive and eye-catching characteristic and will prove a suitable valentine’s gift for her.

Refreshing Yellow Chikankari Kurti

With this yellow Chikankari Kurti, you'll be ready to dazzle. It is elegantly embroidered with white thread, utilising the "Phanda" and "Keel Kangan" stitches.

The entire front of the dress is covered in embroidered flowers and foliage, with a single flower at the back. Before diving into the sea of flowers, the collar and sleeves are embroidered with a double line. For a stylish, laid-back appearance, wear it with skinny jeans. You might choose to wear chikankari pants as well.

Stylish Kaftan Dress

A short, ready-made chikan kurta in a stylish kaftan dress that will look amazing with denim and make all her friends envious. This embroidered kaftan kurti, which features an embroidered neckline and comfy sleeves with kaftan chikan designs, is not typically styled.

The neckline is decorated with a beautiful flower and leaf motif. This gives you a strikingly appealing appearance when worn with chikankari pants and sandals.

Chic Chikankari Dress

If you are planning to ask your date out for a romantic dinner, you cannot do that without the perfect outfit. After all, you don’t wanna stress her out with the idea of thinking, “what to wear?.”

Now, if you’re wondering what could be the perfect outfit for this dinner date, we bring to you this comfortable and casual chikankari dress. Hand-embroidered by local artisans and made of premium fabric, this dress will surely take her breath away!

Let's honour and enjoy the work that goes into creating these objects ingrained in cultural history, never forgetting where they originated from, lest they go. We know that at House of Kari, we surely do value the age-old craft and are constantly working to come up with new designs and shades.


At House of Kari, our mission is to popularise the culture of chikankari. Our curated line of casual wardrobe essentials is offered in a wide range of hues and materials, including muslin, chiffon, mul mul, organza, and printed poly silk fabric in more vivid hues.

Versatile and stylish in nature, our chikankari products are surely the best picks for Valentine’s Day gifts. Let your style diva outshine all others as she heads out wearing the premium and stylish Indian suits from House of Kari.

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