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Summer Gifting Guide: Chikankari Edition - House Of Kari (Chikankari Clothing)

Summer Gifting Guide: Chikankari Edition

The summer season is right around the corner and so is the season for celebrations! In these times, you need a thoughtful gift that your loved ones can use for a longer time.

If you are someone who has gone gift shopping, know the number of difficulties one faces when it comes to selecting one!

This blog will help you solve this dilemma.

We have brought to you the most versatile gifting option - Chikankari. House of Kari’s chikankari clothing is the perfect gift this summer season. We'll also look at why they are the best!

Why gift Chikankari in Summers?

During the summer season, there's an inclination of people towards cotton clothes which help them deal with the heat and also reduce discomfort.

The cotton kurti is the best alternative to any other ethnic wear and to enhance the style, Chikankari Kurti is the way to go because of its intricate designs. It's the perfect blend of fashion and comfort.

Another benefit of Chikankari kurtis is the variety of styles that they come with. There are short kurtis as well as long kurtis which can be styled with any pair of pants.

If you’re still not convinced that chikankari is the best choice for summer gift ideas, here are a few other reasons:

a) A modern twist to traditional clothing:

It’s a perfect blend of traditional and modern styles of clothing which would enable you to make a style statement.

b) They are comfortable:

The best part about the chikankari kurti is the comfort it brings with it!

c) Vast variety:

Chikankari as a collection has a whole range of options and a variety that one can choose from, in terms of designs, colors, shapes, and cuts so you can gift these kurtis according to the style of the person!

Summer gift ideas for her with Chikankari

Now that we know why Chikankari kurtis are the best gift that you can give, let's look at a few options and gift ideas for Summer kurtis. You can also make a chikankari hamper of various outfits together and up your gifting game this summer season.

Here are a few suggestions from our end!

a) Chikankari co-ord sets

Chikankari co-ord sets are the best in the game and one of the best gifting options. Ethnic Co-ord sets have been in the trend for a long time and they can never go out of style. You can give them any co-ord sets of your choice or something that matches their style! They are so wholesome and they don’t even have to worry about finding matching pants or a matching palazzo which is honestly the best part about the co-ord sets.

b) Chikankari short kurtis

A lot of college-going girls and even professional women look for short kurtis that they can wear to college or work. So if you know someone who's a working professional or a college-going girl, this s your chance to enhance their wardrobe and gift them Chikankari short kurtis.

c) Chikankari Tunics

Chikankari tunics are the next best gifting option. They are the best outfit to style for any event that you want while also keeping it more simple and elegant!

These are a few gifting options that one can look for. They are the best to style in the summer season as they bring comfort and allow you to style your clothes in a fashionable way without bearing the brunt of the heat!

d) Chikankari cottonkurti

Chikankari cotton kurtis can be styled in the summer season and since summers are all about taking a vacation, this could prove to be a perfect gift for your loved one. pastal colours can be more helpful and easier to style in the summer season.


This is your chance to give your loved one an amazing piece of clothing that they would be wearing for years because of the long life of the fine fabric. The question that usually arises is, from where do we get good quality Chikankari kurtis?

House of Kari is the one-stop destination for all styles of Chikankari outfits and a brand that has maintained a standard for so many years and proves to be the number one choice of people for Chikankari kurtis.

More About House of Kari

House of Kari is known for its quality and unique designs. We offer quality chikankari kurtis that are designed for new-age women who are unbeatable, no matter what the season.

Shop for the perfect gift this summer season at House of Kari!