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Style Your Kimono Like Never Before! - House Of Kari (Chikankari Clothing)

Style Your Kimono Like Never Before!

A kimono is something we usually wear during the summer or spring. The airy feeling in the loose sleeves of the kimonos is perfect for the warmer seasons. But we feel sad when we have to retire them as soon as the winter starts.

But not anymore! Kimono sets are no longer reserved just for the warmer seasons. It is just how we style them that makes them perfect for every particular season. This blog will guide you through how to style your kimono for the cold season and add some colours to your go-to winter outfits.

Let’s take a look at 4 ways in which you style your kimono with your winter outfit:

  1. Kimono With a Long Sleeve Sweater

    A plain and cosy long-sleeve sweater is perfect to style under a Chikankari kimono this winter. Pair up your kimono with a dark-coloured sweater, denim jeans, boots or uggs and a cute hat. You can also add to your style by wearing some beautiful oxidised jewellery. And voila! You have your perfect outfit to keep you warm yet stylish when going out with friends. You can also wear this outfit to the office and impress your colleagues with such a well-matched outfit.

  2. Kimono With a Black Leather Jacket

    Sounds strange, right? But trust us! Style your kimono co-ord set with your favourite top and skinny jeans, and wear your black leather jacket over it. The way the kimono drapes out from the back of the leather jacket will look amazing while you are walking away. Complete your outfit with loafers and pull your hair up in a high bun! This high-statement look will turn heads anywhere you go and is perfect for date nights and carnivals.

  3. Kimono with a Sweater Dress

    Kimonos over a sweater paired with jeans look very stylish. But what is more stylish are sweater dresses. These have created a huge buzz among fashionistas. Style your kimono with a colourful sweater, black nylon stockings and a pair of knee-length boots. This outfit is perfect for a girls' night out. You can tie your kimono in the front to give your baggy sweater dress a waist and a more put-together look.

  4. Kimono with Dresses

    Dresses are a perfect choice for any event, and a kimono will only add to the style. Pair your body-hugging, straight dress or Chikankari dress with our colourful kimono. Complete the look with nylon stockings and a pair of knee-length boots to keep you warm. You can also wear a sweater on top of the dress before wearing your kimono to keep you warm and fuzzy and add some beautiful studs to your outfit. The best part is that you can style your hair in any manner, and it will complement the outfit very well.

These are just a couple of ways in which you can style a kimono for this winter. Now, you don't have to say goodbyes to your kimono and enjoy them all year round. House of Kari’s beautiful, colourful and printed kimonos are made of poly-silk and are perfect for pairing with any outfit. They will make you look stylish during the cold winters.

House of Kari’s collection is suitable for all seasons. Whether it is kimonos, Chikankari kurtis, kaftans or cotton kurta sets, we have something to suit your style in any season. Our products are hand embroidered and made with care and love by women artisans. With international shipping also available, we promise to provide you with the best quality at your doorstep.

Shop online at House of Kari and make these winters stylish with our wide range of collections.