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Holi Hues: White Chikankari Kurtas for a Splash of Traditional Charm

Holi Hues: White Chikankari Kurtas for a Splash of Traditional Charm

It’s the Holi season and we all want to have our Naina and Bunny moments, isn’t it? While your romantic moment may not be in your control, your outfit can be in your control. When we talk about Holi events, it’s almost expected for you to wear white clothing. While one may feel that there are no options for white clothing, there are many styles and outfit options out there.

The Chikankari white kurta is one of the most popular outfit options out there. You could style that one long kurta in multiple different ways. In this blog, we will be exploring and understanding the significance of white for Holi. We will also look at the different ways in which you can style white kurtis for Holi.

The Significance of White for Holi

We often see people styling white for Holi and it’s always expected of us that we style something white. But have you ever wondered about the significance of white for Holi? Let’s explore the same in this section of the blog.

A Canvas for Colors

If you are an artist, you understand how crucial a plain white canvas is for your art. While the color white signifies peace, it also serves as a canvas for the vibrant colors that are used during the Holi season. It also tends to create a joyful atmosphere and helps the colors stand out to display their vibrancy.

Harmony and Peace

White not only helps the vibrant colors stand out but is also associated with harmony and peace. It expresses the desire for a peaceful coexistence that is characterized by mutual respect. White perfectly represents the famous saying, “Bura na maano, Holi hain.”

Spiritual Significance

As Holi is a Hindu festival, the color white also has a spiritual significance. In Indian mythology, white is often associated with spiritual awakening and divinity. It is also considered lucky when one wears white during Holi, as many gods and goddesses are also depicted wearing white.

How to Style a White Kurta?

With this emerging fashion trend, there are many different ways in which one can style a white kurta set for holi. Let’s explore how you can style them and some must-haves in your wardrobe to complete the look.

Multicolor Dupatta

One of the best ways to style a Chikankari white long kurta is by pairing it with a multicolor dupatta. It captures the vibe of Holi perfectly. You can complete the look with minimal jewellery like a necklace or a bracelet to elevate the look and stand out.

Chikankari and Denim

One of the best combinations out there. If you are looking to style a white short kurta for women, then denim jeans are the way to go. This is the perfect combination, is loved by many women, and is often styled at Holi events. You can also style it with a pair of heels.

Colorful and Printed Bottoms

Another way to style a Chikankari white kurti is to pair it with colorful and printed bottoms. It helps you elevate the look and printed bottoms usually look great with the white chikankari kurta. Styling them with silver jewellery can elevate the outfit and help you stand out.

Top Chikankari picks for Holi

Now that we have explored all aspects of styling and the significance of white, let’s look at the top Chikankari picks for Holi. Chikankari fashion is perfect for the season because of its versatility and comfort.

Chikankari White Short Kurta

This Chikankari white short kurta is perfect for the Holi season. It is one of the most styled outfits during the season and provides you with comfort. It allows you to move freely and enjoy the festival to the fullest.

Chikankari Long Kurta

The Chikankari long kurta gives off a perfect royal vibe to your entire look. You could pair this long kurta with colorful bottoms, denim, palazzo pants, and much more. You can also complete the look with silver jewelry.

Chikankari Kurta Sets

Chikankari kurta sets are another popular outfit choice that you can style. You could also explore different colors that are similar to white to experiment a bit with your overall look. The House of Kari has a beautiful collection of chikankari white kurtas for holi


Holi is the most beloved season and is filled with vibrant colors. However, when it comes to styling, we all want to stand out and be at our best. A Chikankari white kurtas is an ideal choice for styling during Holi. We also discussed the significance of white, which stands for harmony and peace, and explored the spiritual significance of white.

White is the most versatile color, considering the number of different colors you can style it with. You can style it with colorful and printed bottoms, a multicolor dupatta, and much more. We have also explored the top Chikankari picks of the season.

House of Kari has a premium collection of Women’s Chikankari kurtis for the Holi season. Shop your perfect white kurti from House of Kari and stand out this Holi season!