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Kari: Derived from the word karigar which refers to a person who makes things skilfully with his/her hands.

What does it mean to be a woman?

An expression of pride, independence and beauty in its primal form. It's this voice of the feminine that has flourished the creative acumen of artisans all across the globe.

One such artisanal practise is CHIKANKARI.

An unparalleled legacy that spans millennia. Pure, authentic craft sourced from artisans across the land of nawabs, Chikankari is amongst the oldest traditional embroidery techniques in India, dating back from literary references of Megasthenes from 3rd Century Bc. This technique has been an indigenous and celebrated backbone of the artisanal community of Avadh.

Here at House of Kari, we believe in that connect with our femoral community.

We empower direct and indirect partnerships with women who have the capability of being the flag-bearers of this lost jewel . As a social enterprise that seeks to offer a fair-trade platform, our primary purpose is to support handicraft workers. With each purchase you make, you can help make a difference

The penultimate desert of what we do is just the message we wanted to tell you!

Come, we'll take you on little journey with us.


Anam, an eighteen year old kid at heart. Dreams and hopes was all sheWe here had when she walked in and how could we not see that sparkle? And today this firecracker is what our product's soul embibes. Giving meaning to our designs through her finishing, Anam became family. Anam’s progression in her skills is a matter of pride.


Urmila, a mother, a wife and a managerial support system. Being a teacher's wife, Urmila is one of those forces that realises the true potential of learning. Her sense of discipline, strong headed and the boldness is what inspires us here at House of Kari to speak about what matters to us in our designs.


Tanveer, a true veteran of our community. Her husband Arif is a fellow stitch artisan. Tanveer is a person who embodies experience in our structure. She has given her countless time and soul in upholding the quality of product. A sherpa to all the new lost lambs, this strong woman has never been one to back down from helping others!


Neha Shukla, an artsy soul kept at bay with limitations of financial societal evils. Neha's husband is a bike mechanic and it was a herculean task to somehow meet the ends. We here at HOK found solace in her spirit and her will to make a sustainable living choice . Furthering the spirit of womanhood and financial stability, our mission is still going strong.

Despite a lack of resources, her passion wasn’t compromised.


To witness this brilliant woman take the spotlight  and talk as the self- assured voice of workers.

It feels like a triumph for us personally.House of Kari